Established since 1997, PACC Line is a specialist parcel and liner service provider, one of the largest shipping companies headquartered in Singapore. We focus on providing shipping and integrated supply chain solutions for break-bulk, bulk, project and container feeder shipments.

Our service portfolio encompasses three major segments: Project and Break Bulk Express Service (“PABX”), Global Project and Parcel Service (“GPPS”) and Regional Feeder and Project Service (“RFPS”). This complementary portfolio of services enables us to be a one stop service provider to our customers.

We own and manage a dedicated fleet of 12 MPV vessels designed in-house and operated a large fleet of Handymax, Supramax and Ultramax Bulkers including some with Open hatch box shaped or log carriers. This diversified fleet of over 50 vessels operate globally, serving the needs of international shippers and manufacturers.

Our highly experienced team comprises of professionals from the shipping and logistics sector, as well as experts from specific industries we serve. With a deep expertise in transportation and supply chain, we are quick to understand and appreciate the unique challenges and evolving needs of our customers.

PACC Line takes on a long-term view in managing our business and are committed to building lasting partnerships with our customers. Our track record of value creation and service excellence has made us the go-to service provider for our customers over the past two decades. We believe that there will be many more such decades to come.